As I have mentioned before, I have an issue with extreme exhaustion.  It’s been going on for the last year and has become quite frustrating, annoying and depressing. (see my post Unstoppable for more)  I have been trying to find ways to help me out physically and mentally through this crazy time.  One of the things that has become a real problem for me is my memory.  Constantly being tired messes with your brain.  Sometimes, I can’t hold onto thoughts long.  I think of something I need to do and I literally blink my eyes and it’s gone.  So many things in my life have been falling through the cracks simply because I can’t remember what I need to do.  For awhile, I tried to keep a “To Do” list on my phone, but for some reason it just wouldn’t stick to check it or eventually to add things to it.  So it was just a big fail for me.  A few weeks ago, I was complaining to a friend about how horrible I was feeling because I kept forgetting things, important things.  I couldn’t keep living like this.  I needed to find something to help me with this part of my life.  My friend suggested that I try a Bullet Journal, which she explained as a customizable organizer that you create yourself.  I have always had the issue with buying calendars and organizers at an office supply store because they never have the space I want and a lot of the time you can’t add in other sections, or they just don’t make the layouts I want/need, etc.  I want to have everything in one place.  I want to keep track of my life, my work life, my social life, and my social media life all in one place.  I don’t know why I never thought of just doing it myself, but after taking to Pinterest and looking up Bullet Journals, I found a lot of great ideas.  Being the crafty person that I am, my creative juices started flowing.  I got really excited and decided to try it.  What could it hurt right?  Either it will help me or it won’t.

I have been cleaning like mad this summer and came across quite a few brand new journals that I have received as gifts, but never got around to using.  I chose this beautiful one a friend of mine brought back from England. img_0600 I love that it has a fabric cover with all the stitching, etc.  It took me awhile to decide which layout to go with, but after getting out my stencils, pens, pencils, and whatnot, I started coming up with a layout that I hope will work.  I traced everything out to do the month of August.  I plan to use this layout for the month and see how it works and then tweak it as needed for the coming months.  So far, it has been amazingly helpful.  I think because I put so much of my creativity into it, it makes me use it and want to look at it.  I am trying to make a habit of looking at it first thing in the morning as I eat breakfast and drink my coffee so I can plan out my day around the things that need to be done that day.  I have seen that people create keys, and what not.  I don’t want to get that intricate with it, but I think I will use highlighters to signify between home, work, appts, must do’s, and social media needs.  I am going for putting my brain on a page as much as I can.  Some people don’t like the idea of a bullet journal because it does take a lot of work, but I am a visual person and very crafty.  I am a scrapbooker and love working with paper, pictures, lettering, etc.  Thus the reason I can’t believe I didn’t come up with this on my own.  I am very happy to finally be remembering things again, so my high praise of the day goes to my friend and to Ryder Carroll, who came up with the original concept at  If you decide to check it out, I would look at both the bullet journal web page as well as Pinterest, as people have taken the concept and really made it their own.  I plan to not only keep track of the things that I need to do daily/weekly, but there are also some creative pages that I want to add in there as well like the one pictured here.  I am an img_0599avid reader and love to keep track of the books I read so I can make recommendations when asked.  I am on, but there are times when I don’t have cell service/wifi and can’t access my list, so this page is a great way to accomplish that.  Plus it will be nice to look back on this journal and see what I read.  I plan to also make a page for all my movie tickets, one for Christmas gift ideas, blog ideas, one for hashtags – I get tagged so much on Instagram and I often forget who tagged me and what for, a list of successful geocaches, and many more.  My brain has been going overtime with all the things I can include and keep in here, all in one place.  On Pinterest, I saw people using it to keep track of their weight, step counts, weekly menus, their daily mood, the weather, daily sketches, bucket lists, states they have visited, basically just about whatever is important to you is possible in this journal and in the end it’s a great way to record your life in the process.