I spend a lot of time listening to books.  Over the last few years, I have listened to more and more books, but that has meant listening to less music.  I started listening to audiobooks when I was making the long trips back and forth from college by myself.  They kept me going hour after hour.  A few years after college, I found a place that rented audiobooks.  I loved the ladies that ran the place.  I hung out there a lot.  I had someone to discuss books with.  They always had great recommendations on individual books and series for me to try.  I paid a monthly fee to get as many audiobooks as I wanted each month.  I loved it.  After their store closed and moved too far for me, I was sad, but then I found the Overdrive app and can now get audiobooks from my library without all the downloading each disc and taking up tons of room on my phone.  Listening to books has helped me in so many ways though I think one of the most important ones was quitting smoking.  I  made that choice several years ago.  I took Chantix and set about getting rid of this habit I had had since I was a teenager.  It was hard, thank goodness for Chantix.  That stuff was a godsend, but the audiobooks kept my mind busy.  I could listen to them while I did other things to keep my hands and body busy learning other things to do other than the habitual stopping to have a cigarette every now and then.  It was hard, but I succeeded.  Listening to audiobooks has become so ingrained in my life.  I listen while I cook or while I clean.  It’s weird to be in my car and not listen to a book.  Sometimes I hate when I have to drive others because it means I have to listen to something else.  In the last year though, I have found myself missing music, but I have no idea what’s out there anymore.  I have no idea who is popular or what I like anymore.  So I have been trying to listen out for artists that sound like they may be something I could like and then plugging them into Pandora and seeing what I think about their music and other artists associated to them.

Adele was one of those artists.  I kept hearing about her because of the release her album 25.  I watched some her videos on Vevo and started an Adele station on Pandora.  Her voice is incredible and her songs dig deep into the emotional stratosphere.  I love being home alone, cranking up the volume and singing right along with her.   But most of all she has become my muse.  The music that plays while I write or create.  Last night I got the chance to see her live in Oakland.  Her voice was even more incredible live and she talked a lot which not a lot of artists do.  Some people don’t like that, but I enjoy getting to know people and she was hilarious and real.  It was wonderful.  Here is a link to a couple of my favorite songs of the night – Million Years Ago and Don’t you Remember both of which were a  part of the acoustic section of the evening.  Though my favorite overall is this one Someone Like You.  It’s not the concert version, but I just had to share it in case you don’t know it.  I’m getting goosebumps all over again listening to these as I post them.  Just beautiful.  I hope to find more artists I like her in my journey back into music.