“God, it’s HOT!” Gina yelled to no one at all.

She was standing in the middle of her tiny apartment feeling frustrated because she couldn’t find the notes for her Abnormal Psych final.  She started throwing books and tossing papers and making no headway at all.

“Where?  Where?  Where?  What did I do with them?!”

The room started spinning and Gina had to sit down.  She was sweating.  This summer heat was really not making it easy for her to keep her cool and get shit done.  She sat there taking deep breaths.  She needed to calm down.  She got up and walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water.  As she reached up into the cupboard for a glass, she remembered where the notes were.  She closed the cupboard and ran back into her bedroom and found the laundry basket.  She took it over to the bed and dumped it out and there they were.  The last time she had been studying was at the laundry mat.  She had put the notes on the bottom of the basket because she was afraid they would blow away as she took the laundry out to the car.  Her muscles relaxed and she took some more deep breaths.  She had to calm herself down and get into studying mode.  She moved back into the kitchen to get that drink of water.  When she was done, she gathered her notes, the text-book, some pencils and highlighters and sat down at the kitchen table to get started studying.

Gina sat there for hours going over all her notes.  She was so focused on the cases she was reading about that she didn’t realize how hot she had gotten until she started to feel light-headed again.  She got up and stretched.  She refilled her glass of water and drank the whole thing and then refilled it again.  She opened the fridge and searched for something to make for dinner.  It was too hot to cook, plus she just really didn’t have the energy to cook anything elaborate tonight.  She just needed to eat something.  As she rummaged around, she found some left over chicken, a hard-boiled egg, some cherry tomatoes, and a bag of caesar salad.  She took everything out, got out her big salad bowl, and started chopping everything up.  Scooping the chopped chicken into the bowl, Gina noticed out of the corner of her eye a french baguette next to the toaster.  Immediately she thought of those garlic parmasean  toast thingys with the mayo that her old roommate used to make.  Those would go so perfect with the salad.  Her mouth was watering.  She went back to the fridge and crossed her fingers that she had everything she would need to make them because now she really wanted them even though it meant turning on the toaster oven for a bit.  They would be worth the little bit of added heat.


She had found all the ingredients she needed.  She set about making them and got them into the oven before finishing up the salad.  Her water glass was empty again.  She refilled it and then searched for her favorite bowl.  She had gone to Petroglyphs, one of those paint your own ceramics places, and had painted herself a set of bowls.  Each bowl had something to do with her favorite books.  There was a Dr. Who bowl, a Hunger Games Bowl, a Percy Jackson bowl, and her favorite, the Harry Potter bowl.  She had painted the Gryffindor crest on the bottom of the inside and around the outside she had painted Harry’s glasses, the lightning bolt scar, a pixie, a stack of books, a wand, a doe patronus, and the word “Always” and lastly around the rim of the bowl, she had painted a pattern of red and gold blocks to look like a Gryffindor scarf.  She smiled everytime she got to use it.  She filled the bowl with salad and then stepped over to check on the toast.  It was ready.  She turned the knob on the toaster oven to switch it off and grabbed the tongs so she could get the toast out without burning her fingers.  She took her food and her water into the living room.  She sat down and turned on the TV.  Flipping through the guide, she couldn’t find anything she wanted to watch.  She switched over to her apple TV and chose Netflix.  Her friend Marissa had come over last weekend and introduced her to “Bob’s Burgers”.  They watched the entire first season while eating lunch and then playing Scrabble all afternoon.  It had been a great day and the show had actually been funnier then she thought it would be.  Louise was her favorite character by far.  That little girl had spunk.  She started season 2, sat back, and began eating her salad and toast.  After a minute, she realized she had forgotten to turn on the fan when she had come into the living room.  She got up and turned it on.  As she sat back down, she didn’t feel like it was going to be enough.  She pushed pause and went to get the fan from her room and the one from the kitchen.  She strategically positioned the fans around the room, turned them all on, and then settled back down to eat and watch her show.

This day had started out hectic, but she had found her notes and had gotten her studying done.  She felt ready for her final.  She was confident in her ability to write the hell out of an essay tommorw no matter the topic.  Now it was time to relax.  She started smiling while eating her dinner.  The wind coming from every direction felt wonderful, the food she had made was delicious, and the Belcher kids were causing trouble in a taffy factory.  It was going to be a good night.  Just what she needed the night before a big test.