Sophia is packing and is having mixed feelings about it.  Her mission on Earth is done.  Her team has gathered all the information they were tasked to retrieve .  Thirty years ago, her boss had called her in and told her about a new planet that had come up in their scans of the stars.  She was to be apart of a team of fifty Baglians to head out to the planet and study any living things and technology that could possibly be there.  Sophia was to be the mission commander and felt honored to be selected for the task.  A smaller team had been sent out in advance to check out danger points and to make sure it would be safe.  They received the all clear within a few hours and were sent out on their mission.  Thank goodness for all the technology they had collected from other planets they had visited.  Baglians did not believe in war or causing harm to others.  They were scientists at heart and only  wished to study and gather information that would further advance or help their kind without alerting those they were studying as to what they were doing.  Sophia had done her job.  She had taken the injection that would change her appearance to match those of the “Humans” and had lived among them unnoticed for thirty years.  It had been an interesting experience.  Humans are very emotional beings.  Expressing all the emotions had taken a lot of practice and was quite exhausting.  Sophia was looking forward to getting back home, but she would miss the Human friends she’d made.  She received another injection the minute she arrived home and was happy to watch her face go from Human to Baglian once again.  Finally back to being herself for awhile.

~ photo-fiction 48