Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!  Beep!

“Shut up!”  Gabby yelled at the alarm as her arm came out from under the covers to find the snooze button.  Then she remembered why her alarm was going off at this ungodly hour.  It was the big day.  Everyone was coming over to see her new house.  Well, not just her new house, her first house.  She had finally made it happen.  It only took her 30 years of finding the right career path, advancing up the ladder, lots of long hours, and a few lost friendships, but she had finally dug herself out of debt and saved up the money to get this beautiful house.  She sat up in bed and thought about everything she had to do today.  She wanted it to be perfect.  This was the first time she was going to really get to entertain her friends and family with her food and her games.  She had spent hours last night coming up with a few good playlists for the day.

She jumped out of bed now feeling excited.  She quickly showered and then rushed downstairs to finish prepping the food.  Today she would be serving her Granny’s famous fried chicken, the mac ‘n’ cheese with the bacon on top, and a strawberry walnut salad with feta cheese.  For appetizers she made some cantaloupe balls wrapped in prosciutto (one of her favorites from when she used to cater in college), Hawaiian meatballs, and her own famous spinach dip.  It is going to be the best feast ever.  She couldn’t stop smiling.  It was going to be a great day.

Gabby put on her cooking playlist and got to work.  “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars started playing.  She started dancing, singing, chopping, and mixing.  She finally got everything prepped.  She did a last minute walk through of the house making sure she had put out enough chairs, lit all the candles, checked that there was enough toilet paper in the bathroom, and oh, she needed to put the umbrella up out on the deck.

Finally everything was ready.  She had butterflies.  Why was she so nervous?  This was her family and friends.  Gabby sat down at the kitchen table.  She was getting more than butterflies.  She was getting anxious.  She tried taking deep breaths and thinking about about everything she had accomplished.  She had a house!  Today was a day to celebrate not dwell on the past.  She needed to change the music.  She needed to change her attitude before everyone got here.  She couldn’t be the party pooper at her own party.  She needed to nip this in the bud now.  Her emotions had always plagued her throughout her life.  Learning to deal with them had been key and today she needed music that took her back to those confident days in her life and thinking along those lines she knew exactly the song she needed.  Her fingers scrolled and found the old school playlist.  She pushed play and the beat started on “Big Pimpin'” by Jay Z.  Her smile returned.  This song always reminded her of the time she worked at the group home.   Every week, she would take Sandra, who was in the home for being a runaway, for a little on-on-one time.  Sandra had a crush on Jay Z.  She loved to draw and paint pictures inspired by his music and it had become their tradition that the minute they got in the van, they would pop in the CD with “Big Pimpin'” as the number 1 song and start singing as they drove to whatever destination they had picked that day.  Singing at the top of their lungs, driving with the windows down, wind in their hair, and pumped to do anything.  Those feelings came back to her now and just in time because she could hear someone pulling up in front of her house.  This was it.  Her time to shine.  She turned down the music a little and walked to the front door to meet her first guests.  As she reached for the doorknob, she started to smile and this time she could feel the joy deep down inside.  She was really ready.  Let the good times begin.