Oscar the cat was only a few months old and was forbidden to leave the room where he lived with his mother, but everyday he could hear the beachgoers laughing as they passed and he wanted to know what was so much fun.  As the saying goes “curiousity killed the cat.”  Over a few weeks, Oscar had devised a plan of escape and today was the day he was getting out.

At six o’clock, the human would come with the food.  Oscar hid in the shadows and waited to make his move.  The door opened and out he went as fast as he could.  He wanted to stop and look around, but he knew he had to keep going if he wasn’t going to get caught.  He followed the sound of music and the laughing humans down to the beach.  There was so much space, so many sounds, and so many smells.  Oh the smells!  Oscar followed the smells to a vendor that sold fish tacos.  The human there took one look at the cuteness that was Oscar and gave him some fish.  Everywhere Oscar went, he just had to be that cute little kitty and the vendors would give him all kinds of food and each new food was better than the last.  Oscar began to get tired and decided to find a place to take a nap.  He found a spot not too close to anyone and leaned against the wall, looking out at the waves.  A little girl who had been watching Oscar all day, thought Oscar needed one of the hats her sold at their stall.  She quickly grabbed the hat and put it on Oscar’s head.  Oscar was surprised by the gift, but thought it was the perfect ending to the perfect day.

~written in response to Photo-Fiction #46