“Look, look here they come again,” the female cockroach yelled.  The male cockroach came out of the crack next to the stove to watch the new guest entering their home.

“Gosh, that one’s really huge,” said the male cockroach, ” and they are bringing in a ton of boxes.  More than the last humans for sure.  Have you seen how many are moving in?”

The female shooed the kids away from the opening of the crack and told them to hide before turning to answer.

“There was a smaller female here yesterday who came with a baby.  She went through the apartment measuring the windows and checking in all the cupboards, closets and drawers.”

As the human took some boxes back to the bedroom, the pair of cockroaches went up the stove, across the counter, and up the fridge to get a better vantage point.

“How long do you think these humans will last?” the male asked.

“They have a baby that’s pretty small.  Once, they  see us and figure out that we aren’t going anywhere no matter what they do, they’ll be out fast.  The female won’t be comfortable having the baby here.”

“You really think so.  That one family lived here for years until their little one was almost six,” the male stated.

“Yeah, but the male was sick for a couple of those years.  Once, he got better and went back to work, they moved not long after that,” the female reminded the male.

“Right, right.  He was the one who lost his hair and was throwing up all the time.  I liked him.”  The male smiled.

The female shoved the male and said, “You only liked him because he burned those sticks that you thought smelled so good so much so that you had always had to hideout on top of the couch whenever his friend with the sandals came over.”

“I can’t help what I like,” the male said, continuing to smile.  The sound of footsteps came from outside the open door.  The female human entered with more boxes and brought them into the kitchen and started unpacking the coffee machine.

“Ooooo, they’re coffee drinkers.  Now that’s a smell to look forward to.  We just have to make sure the kids stay away from any coffee grounds they drop.  Remember that one day the lonely human dropped a whole bag and missed a bunch that went under the stove.  The kids were running around for hours and hours,” said the female.

“I’ll never forget that day.  I had to round them all up traveling to almost every apartment in the building to locate them all they were so crazed.  Let’s have a talk with the kids before we go out tonight at lights out.  I DO NOT want to do that again,” shouted the male though he was smiling a bit.

The pair of cockroaches just sat atop the fridge watching for awhile until the humans both stopped what they were doing and left the apartment.

“I guess it’s lunch time.  We better go check on the kids while they are out and let them run around for a bit before they have to go into hiding again when the humans come back,” said the female.

“Ok, you’re right.  We gotta stay out of sight while they are unpacking.  That’s when those humans really like to attack.  I hope these humans aren’t too bad.  Hey, if they seem nice, you wanna try to not let them know were here for as long as possible?  It would be nice to not have to move everything when they start all that spraying and stuff.  What do you think?” asked the male.

The female thought about it and eventually agreed.  She hated moving too.  They better hurry up and get down to the kids so they can talk about all this.  She really hoped these new guests would work out.