Long before I started escaping into books, swimming was one of my favorite things to do.  From the moment I learned to swim, I loved being in the pool.  I loved everything about swimming starting with finding the right swimsuit.  I remember taking swim lessons when I was 5.  I had a swimsuit that had a little girl on the front and her hair was made of yarn and when I swam, the hair would move in the water with me.  I loved jumping up and down in the pool just to see the hair bob up and down too.  Oh, the little things that keep kids entertained right!?!

Once I got to be a really good swimmer, being in the pool became about the games we could play and the dares we could complete.  My sister and I spent a lot of time at our local neighborhood swimming pool when we lived in Australia.  Thank goodness it was right down the street (right next to the library where I fell in love with books.  Coincidence? I think not.)  We would spend hours splashing and playing in that pool.  But the times I secretly enjoyed the most were the times I spent there on my own.  My sister was always good at making friends and would often go play games with the other neighborhood kids.  I would find a spot in the pool all to myself and would sometimes just float letting my muscles completely relax and trusting the water to hold me up.  My ears would be underwater blocking out most of the noise and allowing me to forget the rest of the world existed.  I would just stare at the blue sky and think of nothing at all, just floating and feeling the coolness of the water beneath me.  Sometimes I would dream of flying or floating on the clouds, but most of the time it was just the floating that I needed.

When it was a busy day at the pool like on those super hot days, there wasn’t room to float.  Continually bumping into people ruined the relaxation of floating, so on those days, I loved to test my lung capacity.  I would dive down to the bottom and start counting in my head as I swam across the bottom of the pool in between all the groups of kids until I could no longer hold my breath and would swim to the surface.  I would continue to push myself to make it farther and farther across the pool.  Sometimes I would pretend I was searching for treasure or was looking for a new species of underwater creature.  There were the times though that I would just sit at the bottom of the pool watching all the kids splash and play from below like I was an alien from outer space observing their behavior.

I miss being in the water.  I don’t get to do it nearly as much as I did as a kid.  I miss my liquid therapy.  Hopefully when we get a house someday soon, it will have a pool and I can resume my sessions.