It was the first time, and it wouldn’t be the last.  When Little Marie woke up this morning all cozy in her nest, she remembered that today was the first day of flying lessons.  She didn’t want to get up, but she had run out of excuses to avoid the lessons and her brothers, Mike and Marvin, were tired of waiting for her to be ready.  Momma had said they would all do the lessons together or not at all.  For awhile, all three of them had been scared and didn’t want to do it, but the more they had talked about flying, the more her brothers had started changing their minds.  They thought about getting food whenever they wanted or just exploring.  Every time Little Marie thought about it, she would shake, put her wings around her and hide, but today was the day.  She couldn’t let her brothers down anymore.  She loved her brothers and would do anything for them.  She heard Momma calling and knew it was now or never.  She would truly be a bird today.  She was going to stretch her wings and fly.

Little Marie followed her brothers to the flying branch and took her place.  Momma flew in with today’s breakfast in her beak and gave them each a worm.

“Ok, my babies.  Are you ready?” Momma chirped.

Marvin asked, “What do we do first Momma?” Momma showed them how to stretch out their wings, then told them about flapping their wings and feeling for the air pressure.  They all practiced and practiced until it was time to finally just do it.

Marie straightened her back, stretched out her wings and dove off.  She flapped her wings and flew to the ground.  She’d done it and all she could think was “Again!”