I have always wanted to go on a long voyage across the sea.  It’s on my bucket list.  I’m not good at planning vacations though.  I hardly ever take vacations.  Whenever I have gotten a break from work, I have just taken that time to get caught up on life/cleaning, sleep (a lot), and maybe read.  So I daydream quite a bit and because I am an avid reader, my daydreams aren’t always based on reality.

I dream of sailing to distant unknown islands where I find and befriend the locals who teach me about their home, feed me weird but delicious foods, and then just enjoy the time being away from civilization.

Or there are the times I feel down and dream of being on a boat, that runs into the hurricane from hell, that rips up my boat, leaving me stranded on a big piece of driftwood getting sunburned and dehydrated as I drift hoping to see land, but instead I begin to hallucinate that I am seeing mermaids.  They are friendly.  They bring me food and fresh water.  At night, they sing when I get scared and they shoo away the sharks  when they begin to get close.  Eventually they ask if I want to be a mermaid and I decide to go for it when I realize I will never see land again.  They give me a special food to eat that transforms my feet into a fish tail and the rest of my body to be able to handle the pressures of underwater sea life.  As I swim away, I smile and look forward to this new life and new experiences.

But the best daydreams are the ones where I am an explorer sailing across the unknown seas on a distant planet.  My crew and I are studying the ocean and the sea life.  Everything we encounter is new and has never been seen before.  We don’t know what dangers lurk beneath us, but it’s exciting all the same.  We are the first to explore. We get to name the creatures and plants we discover.  We write about our findings and take pictures documenting it all.  We know that one day everything we are doing here will be a part of the history books, so we take extra care in what we say.  We are out at sea for months at a time missing our families, but it’s all worth it because this is something that no one else will get to do it.  *sigh* Why haven’t we mastered space travel yet and found a planet to explore?

Maybe one day I will get my sh*t together and figure out how to get my butt on a boat and stop daydreaming.