Maybe it’s because I’m a Preschool Teacher, but when I see the word rebuild I think of all the times I have watched my students build something out of legos, blocks, magnets, etc. only to have another student come through Godzilla style and destroy all the hard work.  Who hasn’t wanted to be Godzilla at some point in their life?  I know there are quite a few bad days where I wish I could just go through town stomping and breaking everything in sight, so you know it’s gotta be tempting for a little kid who sees something to knock over and not go for it, but since I have the role of teacher I get to use the opportunity to teach an important life lesson.  When someone destroys everything you’ve worked hard to build, you have a choice; you can sit around and cry about it or you can take all the pieces and rebuild.  And who knows, that opportunity to rebuild may present other choices like having someone help you or maybe you figure out a way to make it stronger so it will be harder to knock down the second time.