Last week I found myself frantically looking for the photos that I had gotten from my Granny’s house after she passed away last year.  My sister’s birthday was last week and it was going to be the first birthday she’d had where calling Granny wouldn’t be on the agenda.  Whenever my sisters and I get together, we would always call Granny to include her in the festivities.  This last year has been so weird without those calls to her.   I finally found the photos, but I couldn’t open the envelope.   All I kept thinking about was how many times we had looked at these photos with my Granny and how we had shared with her the stories that went along with them.  My Mom had been a good Mom.  She had always made sure that we wrote letters or postcards to our family back in the US when we lived in Australia and she always included photos of the places we had recently visited or just the crazy poses she made us do in the backyard or at the park down the street.  I can’t imagine what my life would’ve been like if my mother had had a digital camera when I was a child.  There would be thousands upon thousands of pictures of my sister and I.  It would have been annoying then, but now it would be nice to see all those pictures.  To be able to remember what life was like when I was little.  I feel like I have forgotten so much.  Photos give you that opportunity to step back through time and that’s what I was craving as I frantically searched for where I put the photos when I got back from Oklahoma.  I wanted to remember those times when life wasn’t it’s usual tornado, those times when time seemed to stand still and we could all breath and be happy for a minute.   The picture above is one of those times.  It’s from the first time we got to finally go to Disneyland.  I was 5 and my sister was 8.  It was so magical.  We got to ride all the rides, eat all the wonderful food and the best part of all, I got to meet Winnie the Pooh.  We even got hats with our names stitched on them.  I have visited Disneyland many times since, but none will ever top that first adventure into the park.  Thank goodness for old photos and their ability to help us remember the good times and cherish them.