I started watching the TV show, Castle, when it came to TNT in reruns.  I have to get up early for work and often miss out on shows that come on after 8:30pm, plus I only recently got “on-demand” in my cable package a couple years ago.  I know, I am so behind the times.  I love it though.  I can finally keep up with some great shows that are out there right now and on my own schedule even.  So anyway, when I walked into my local library in 2013 and saw that they had actually published the books that the character Richard Castle writes on the show, I quickly snatched them up.  All of them have been been just as fun as the show as well as action packed and emotionally charged.  Driving Heat by Richard Castle did not disappoint.

Driving Heat starts on Nikki Heat’s first day as Captain of the 12th precinct.  She’s nervous, but ready to take the BIG step and take charge.  Unfortunately, her first day as Captain doesn’t go as smoothly as she hoped.  She gets a call to go to a crime scene as she’s getting ready for the day.  When Heat and Rook arrive and get the low down on the crime that has taken place, Heat approaches the victim’s body and realizes that she knows the victim.  The victim is none other than, Lon King, the NYPD shrink that Heat has been seeing periodically for a few years.  His death scares her because he is the one person with whom she has shared her most intimate secrets and it’s a big loss.  Solving his murder becomes personal in more ways than one.  There are quite a few  twists and turns in this book as the crew at the 12th precinct sort through the evidence and the suspects.  Their investigation gets seriously impeded when a group of protestors hacks into the NYPD system and shuts down their ability to do anything through their intranet throwing the NYPD back to the age before information technology.  This made for quite an interesting twist as they had to go old school and bring out the typewriters and carbon paper.  They had to go back to searching through old mug books and definitely a lot more doing legwork.  But I didn’t get to the biggest twist, Rook seems to know a lot more about the victim, Lon King, than he is letting on.  All he will say is that he’s working on a story, one that could win him his third pulitzer, but won’t share anything he knows only infuriating Heat further.

In the meantime, Heat is fretting about her engagement to Rook and if she’s ready for commitment like she thought she was when she said, “Yes” and along those lines she’s trying to decide how to approach the subject of where they will live after they get married. Throw in some threats to take her promotion from her plus a kidnapping and the book is a fantastic rollercoaster ride that you hope never ends, but you are completely satisfied when it does leaving you ready for the next ride.