My Sister bought me, The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell for Christmas in 2014.  I put it on my “To Read” stack and then I went through a whole year where I only listened to audiobooks.  I was having some sort of reading slump.  I couldn’t bring myself to pick up a book.  Towards the end of 2015, I told myself to get over myself and I started reading again.  There were so many books to catch up on, but I made a deal with myself that I had to read a book I had at home in between any books I got from the library or bookstore.  So out came The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell.  I read some of the reviews on and found that they were quite mixed.  I confess that I became a little less enthusiastic about reading the book, but I stuck to my deal and read it.

This book is about the life of a girl named Holly Sykes.  There are several different parts, each following Holly chronologically through her life, though sometimes as told by people she meets along the way.  Holly is not a normal teenager.  She used to hear voices and has now caught the attention of a strange and mysterious group of characters that pop in and out of the story leaving you to wonder what’s really going on?  What’s so special about this Holly Sykes?  What are Bone Clocks?  And are we ever going to find out about these mysterious strangers lurking in the background?  I don’t want to give too much away because in the end David Mitchell brings it all together.  All the characters have purpose despite some being quite annoying.  The story travels all around the world, which was kind of fun, especially when it got to Perth, Western Australia.  I lived in Perth for 4 years as a child.  It was nice to revisit again.  It brought back memories of great adventures up and down the coast of Western Australia and of course out to Rottnest Island, which was also featured in the book.  This book was hard to get through at some points, but it was worth it in the end.  I loved it.  This was my first time reading David Mitchell and I am happy to say, I have found another author to add to my favorites.