I decided to finally take down my Christmas Tree this weekend.  I love my tree.  I started collecting Christmas ornaments right after I finished college.  I hadn’t really celebrated Christmas since my Dad passed away when I was 15.  Sure I went through the motions with family, but he always made Christmas special.  He was the one who took my sisters and I out after dark to see the Christmas lights, always making sure to find the really beautiful displays.  Going to the tree lot was a family affair where we would pile in the car, take forever picking a tree and then we would come home and decorate the hell out of that tree.  So when I moved in with my friend and we made the decision to get a Christmas tree, we also had to get decorations and ornaments.  I started a tradition that I would get at least one ornament a year that represented that year or someone dear to me.  This year my Granny died.  She was special to me.  She taught me lots of things.  Whenever I spent time with her, we either went crazy learning new things like painting and beading or we’d play games.  My Granny and my Dad both loved to play games and I definitely inherited my competitive spirit and love for games from them.  I lived with my Granny from time to time and as I got older, we would cook together and then sit down and watch “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy”.  We would compete on who would get the answer first.  Granny and I would also spend a lot of time driving around looking for her favorite thing, dolls.  She collected dolls of all shapes and sizes.  She considered them her babies.  There were dolls all over her house, so much so that it was a little creepy to walk around late at night because it felt like they were all watching you with their big glass eyes.  So when my life got busy and I didn’t make it back to Oklahoma as often as I liked, I would send her a doll every year.  They were usually Barbies as those were the first dolls she introduced me to as a child, so naturally, when it came time to picking this years ornament, I picked Barbie.

They even had one in a red dress, which was my Granny’s favorite color.  It seemed perfect.  I liked looking at it everyday and thinking of her.  Different memories flooding in each time.  When it came time to take down the tree this year, it was hard.  So what way to make taking down the tree more fun than to include some of my little Funko Pop friends.  Here are Ron and Hermione putting away the first ornament I got after my husband and I got married, Cinderella and her Prince Charming.

Next are, Proffessor Dumbledore and Harry Potter putting away another favorite, my ornament showing Harry going up to Dumbldore’s office for the first time.  When you slide the lever on the bottom, Proffessor McGonagall’s voice gives Harry the password, Sherbert Lemon.

Lastly, we have Hagrid putting the Christmas tree away.

Thank goodness for my little friends.  I got the Christmas tree down and I can’t wait to see what crazy things happen this year to inspire my choice in Christmas ornament.